Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The ghost of Fred Falke.

I am now about to tell you something that might shock you. It will be difficult to grasp, you might need to sit down. Here it is: I really don't think Fred Falke is real. As in I don't think Fred Falke is a real person. I think he is actually Thomas Bangalter.

If you think about it, Fred Falke is never booked anywhere. Have you ever seen or heard of a DJset featuring Alan Braxe and Fred Falke, even though they pretty much produce each other all the time. The Upper Cuts is widely acknowledged to be brilliant, containing amazing tracks such as Rubicon, Intro, Music Sounds Better With You and Love Lost. Another thing that strikes me as a bit odd is the fact that Alan Braxe, despite their close relationship, does not have Fred Falke among his top friends on Myspace. In my opinion, since the "top friends" of famous DJ's are kind of a big deal, that's weird. Also, if you search "Fred Falke" on Wikipedia, you get a direct link to Alan Braxe.

So where does Thomas come into the picture? He is known to be a fan of Braxe, he co-produced "Music sounds better with you"(what's to stop him from sectretly co-producing the whole album?) and another important fact being that Alan Braxe is on Bangalters record label "Roule". Since the commercial style of Daft Punk is eerily close to Braxe's and Falke's music, the leap wouldn't be THAT big, would it?

If you google-image Fred Falke, this is the only relevant picture that comes up:

"Hi, we need a generic french-looking guy to stand next to Alan Braxe in a picture."
"Ask one of the guys at McDonalds."

And that's what they did.

p.s Heath Ledger is another proof of the fact that all you have to do is die, then people will realize what a genious you are. Never mind the fact that Ledger was in like two good movies during his whole career. Kill Christian Bale, then talk. Oh, R.I.P, Heath.


Anonymous said...


I do exist !!!

I m not booked anywhere , because I do not have any booking agent !
I m not on braxe's top friend on my space, dunno why , ask him ?!!
hopefully this year I will have a booking agent and I play live in clubs !
I hope you ' ll like my new EP " music for my friends"


fred falke

Anonymous said...

you know what you did. asshole!

-alan braxe

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Fred and Thomas are not on any tracks together?

Same person!


Anonymous said...

ok , you ' re right , I m thomas

a guy said...

Man, this is really the funniest post ever! I don't don't how old you are, or since when you do like this kind of music, but the point is that you must be the greatest lamer ever to assume something like that... please, come on.... hahahaha

love xxx

robmonZter said...

wow, people really took this seriously. sorry if I hurt anyones feelings

WDPK webzine said...

You are crazy man ! Fred Falke is Fred Falke, and T.Bangalter is T.Bangalter.

Anyway, thanks, because you made me laugh.

fred said...

sorry everyone , I posted on this blog as fred falke I m of course not fred falke) earlier , just to have some fun , and since I like what this guy is doing ,I apologize if my post has been a source of inconvenience to anyone .

Sam said...

Fred Falke is completely real :P i suppose now that he has appeared live in Aus this isn't so relevant but he is definitely real.

oh and just so you know the person next to Mr Braxe in that pic is Kris Menace